Why carry on?

Why take this path? Why persist on this path? And, above all, why do it at forty years of age? I was asking myself these questions when I returned home one day with my first violin, which was still unvarnished. With fatherly pride I showed it to my three-year old son and said:
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Inside a violin maker’s workshop

You’ll have to excuse me. These questions are far too big and I certainly haven’t got the answers, even less so at this stage in my life. After all, we’ve still got our guided tour to continue, and, if you wish, I would like to invite you to see the inside of a violin maker’s workshop. It won’t be a boring visit, I assure you.
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And let’s not forget the hands

Ah, yes, the beauty of the hands…
What can be said about hands?
Those poor, maltreated hands...
It would seem that the world of today has completely forgotten their value, their beauty.
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Please, come inside…

So, if you want to get a closer look of an ancient art like violin making, even just for a brief instant, make yourself at home. You’re more than welcome. The door is open.
But not for you, old friend time. You are kindly asked to wait outside.
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