So, where do we begin?

It’s incredible how, when confusion strikes, the human mind takes refuge in the place where it feels safer. In fact, it does so automatically, without any prompting. In my mind, for example, when seeking the way forward, I look backwards… in time… and memories that seemed long-forgotten suddenly resurface.
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The art of making string instruments

Let’s start from the beginning: it’s approximately 1750, in the Contrada della Dogana, under the shadow of the Milan Cathedral. It is here that Antonio Monzino I founded the ‘All’insegna della Sirena’ workshop at number 4037. He was a great artisan, who constructed splendid musical instruments which are still preserved in major international collections even today. And, it is with him that a great passion for collecting antique musical instruments began.
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My Grandfather…

My grandfather is a very present figure in my memories: a charismatic, fun and ironic man, always ready with a joke. But he was also a very attentive grandfather, particularly towards the aptitudes and potential of his grandchildren, his little ‘Pisquani’, as he affectionately used to call us.
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Many years, generations and many transformations led the bottega of the remote 1750s to evolve, until 1971, when Casa Monzino became a joint-stock company. This was when the seventh generation made its entrance, represented by the five children of Antonio Carlo and Mariuccia Rossi: Antonio Jr., Vittoria, Carla, Alberto and Margherita.
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